Barcelona To Sue Neymar Again!

Written by on November 11, 2020

Futbol Club Barcelona, we regret to inform you, are at it again.

With Josep Bartomeu gone and talk of Lionel Messi wanting out dying down a little bit, fans will have been hoping for a drama-free season, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

A tax mistake saw Barca overpay the Brazilian £9m during his first couple of years on their payroll. This became known after a tax inspection showed the error and that the club is out for a refund.

Barca has been notified that the money will be a ‘donation’ from club to player if the matter is unresolved.

Neymar spent four years at Barcelona, becoming the most expensive player when he departed for Paris Saint-Germain.


If Barca follows through, it won’t be the first time they enter a legal battle with Neymar. He was forced to pay £5.9m after losing a case in which he claimed the club owed him £38m.

The news ends a bad week for Neymar who also had his Twitch account shut down after leaking Richarlison’s phone number.

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