Rahama Sadau Apologizes Over ‘Controversial’ Pictures

Written by on November 4, 2020

Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau shared a video on her official Instagram page where she apologized over the controversial photos she posted.

In the photos, the actress wore a beige evening gown which showed off her back while she also left her hair uncovered. The actress got called out on social media by Muslim brethren who said she was being disrespectful to the religion.

Rahama Sadau has now apologized to the Muslim community as she promised not to repeat such again. She said: “I made this video out of remorse and frustration. I also apologize for what happened to all Hausas, my colleagues, and Muslims in general for this picture of mine that caused this controversy.

“This is not my nature as a Muslim. I am a lover of the Prophet (PBUH), and I fight anyone who touches him or touches my religion. It was a fate that brought someone to insult me ​​over my picture. I AM NOT WITH HIM, and God has cursed him. It will not happen to me again, God willing.”

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