Kepa Vows To Win Back Starting Berth

Written by on October 7, 2020

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga has vowed to fight for his starting place in the Chelsea team. Kepa has been demoted to the bench after a series of underwhelming performances dating back to last season.

The Spanish stopper speaking at a press conference reassured fans that he remains dedicated to the team and is determined to keep training at a top level in order to regain his starting berth.

He said;

“That’s a question for [Frank Lampard], not for me. They’re his words [about my performances at Chelsea]. Every manager has their own way of communicating or acting in a press conference. I can’t give my opinion on what anyone thinks or says. I do feel confidence from the club and I do feel confidence from the national team. As I said before, I’m in two world-class teams with great managers.

“And I’m just focusing on the next game for each team and trying to help from my position, whatever that is. “I feel good, I feel strong and confident. It’s true I’m not in a dream situation or one I expected, but sometimes you go through these times in your career. I’m working and I’m calm. I’m confident I can turn the situation around, work hard, and when I have the chance to play, try to do my best.”


Kepa lost his place after falling out with Frank Lampard due to poor form.

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