Ini Edo: Nollywood Veteran dismisses bleaching allegations

Written by on September 29, 2020

Famous veteran actress Iniobong Ekim Edo (popularly known as Ini Edo) has come out to dash rumours claiming that she bleaches her skin and that the blemishes on her face are as a result of a skincare routine mishap.

Ini Edo reassured her fans on her instagram that she has not taken to whitening her skin but she had rather fallen victim to a sketchy skincare product.

She addressed the issue saying;

“Disclaimer”: I am not trying to bleach! I love my #brownsugar. This is skincare product gone bad! What can I do? I am currently on set and it’s quite embarrassing especially because it looks like eczema. I need to fix this. I will keep you posted,”

“Thank you guys for all the love and support, all the referrals, I see you, I hear you. All of you who are going through the same situation, hang in there, it is not that serious. I don’t know why all of you make everything seem so damn serious. I’m at work, getting my first makeup done since all this happened and it not that bad. I just want you to look at my skin and see the difference.  I think it is getting better. It will soon clear out.”



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