Selena Gomez no longer most-followed person on Instagram

Written by on October 31, 2018

Selena Gomez recently took a break from Instagram after becoming exhausted of negative comments. Gomez held the most-followed Instagram account for two years, having claimed it from fellow pop star Taylor Swift in 2016.

Ronaldo has five Champions League trophies and a European Championship with Portugal to his name, as well as five Ballon d’Ors and countless other domestic trophies.

It might turn out to be a huge shock for everyone and especially to the fans of Selena Gomez as the singer, actor and producer got dethroned as the most followed Instagram star.

The third most followed person on the photo-sharing site is Ariana Grande with 132m, followed by Kim Kardashian, who has 120m, and Beyoncé with 112m – but none of them come close to the official Instagram account which is followed by 260m users.

Having made a decision to take a break from social media in recent weeks, it’s allowed Crisitano Ronaldo to build on his fanbase and become the most followed prson on the social media platform. Again. As much as I’m grateful for the voice that social media gives all of us, I’m equally grateful to just be able to step back and to live my life present to the moment that I’ve been given.


In an Instagram live video in September, Gomez said she did not care about her follower count, adding “none of this matters”. Kindness and encouragement only for a bit!

The pro athlete now sits at 144,352,910 followers while Gomez has 144,325,743 followers. Just remember – negative comments can hurt anyone’s feelings.

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